Every small business owner wishes they had a more productive business. Most, unfortunately, never actually do anything to increase productivity. If you find yourself in this category, here are 4 simple ways you can increase productivity in your small business.

1. Create a Plan – Having a plan significantly increases productivity, as it sets milestones you wish to accomplish. SMART goals and a plan will dramatically increase productivity, as it will help you focus on the activities which matter and limit time spent on wasteful activities.

2. Use Available Technology – With some activities, it may make sense to do it the way you always have, but with others, it may be time to get with the times. Using programs like excel and QuickBooks can save hours a week in budgeting and accounting tasks. The same can be said of inventory management software, HR and Payroll software, and a multitude of other programs. Find out what is available, what other business owners are using, and see if it can’t help to streamline your business.

3. Increase Work from Home Options – Allowing employees to work from home can often have many benefits. First, it can cut down or eliminate office costs. If your employees work from home, you no longer have the expenses of the utilities from their computers, the paper and toner from printing, and so on. If you can eliminate the workspace, then you also eliminate the cost of the office space. Working from home also generally increases employee engagement, as they are happier, making them more productive. Finally, many employees will put in more time, as they are not going to spend time driving to and from the office or talking around the water cooler with coworkers.

4. Be Healthy – This last one cannot be overstated. If you are sick, your business will suffer. By focusing on your health, you will be sick less often, and thus have fewer business interruptions. You will also have more energy, remain more focused, and be more productive with your tasks when not sick. Eating right, exercising, and getting restful sleep will pay dividends with your business in the long run.

There are, of course, dozens of other ways to increase productivity, but these are free options which many small business owners are not focused on. By spending a little time on creating a plan around these today, you will be more productive for years to come.