In the design industry, it is very much essential for you to know the definition of what a textile fabric is and what its different types are. We are going to help you with this.


Keep on reading to know more about textile fabric and its types:

The textile fabric comes from many different sources like minerals, plants, animals including those manmade synthetic materials. A textile fabric is a cloth that has undergone the process of tufting, knotting, bonding, knitted and weaving all together. They are generally the yarns, wools and threads that you know and these are the materials that are used to make the fabric. They can be natural or synthetic depending on the materials used. Some popular textile fabric use leather and cotton and even those found in the see which are the seaweeds and the special mineral which is Gold.

1. Plant based textile fabric

These have been made used for almost thousands of years already. Jute, hemp, linen and cotton are the very common plant-based textile fabrics. The cotton is available all seasons and it is very soft and breathable. In fact, many people enjoy cotton for clothes and their bed sheets at their respective homes because it does not cause any allergy for people who are sensitive. Many textiles such as wool or other synthetic materials are what trigger the allergies of some people.

The linen came from the plant flax. It is allergen-free and durable, you can even wash it by hand and it will not budge. This is being used on tablecloths, curtains and pieces of clothing and it is also cool even in warm season so this is great for people who are always feeling a little hot.

Jute is also a natural textile fabric and it is being used to create carpets, sacks, twine, rugs and linoleum and you cannot easily tear this fabric because it is very durable. But hemp is also a durable textile fabric which is widely used from creating home furnishings, furniture, clothing items and shoes. This is a very cool fabric because it protects you from UV rays, insulation and it is also very soft and this can easily be your outerwear.

2. Animal-based textile fabric

These are more expensive as compared to plant-based textile fabrics because they are only used for special uses. Fabrics like leather, wool and silk are some of the most common textile fabrics that came from animals.

Leathers are from goats, pigs, cows, bison and more animals depending on what country or region it came. This fabric can be soft and firm at the same time which is really great for footwear, home furnishings, accessories and clothing. Leather is one of the finest fabrics in the world because it can resist change in temperature and if you get it wet due to washing it, it will just return to its original shape.

The wool as we all know comes from the fleece of the sheep. It is a warm fabric and this is why it used in making jackets, sweaters, rugs and blankets. It is also resistant to wrinkles and fire when it is exposed to the flames. It is very itchy for people who have sensitive skin.

Discovered in China a long time ago and is considered to be the most plush fabric in the fashion industry, this is the silk. It came from silkworms and these worms can make or produce 1200 threads in just 70 hours. This fabric is also very soft compared to natural fibers and this is made for luxurious clothing and beddings.