Interior design consists of furniture, the color of the walls, light fixtures and all that jazz but the secret of designers are the textiles. In this article you will learn on how to do it properly and beautifully using our good and useful tips in choosing the right textiles that will surely reflect your style and personality without compromising your lifestyle.


Here are some tips and tricks for you and your beautiful home:

NEVER IGNORE THE ROOM’S PURPOSE. You must know the purpose of your room whether it is used by your children or your pets can come in contact with it because it will be a waste of time, money and effort when you choose textiles that will just be smeared with juice or bitten by puppies. Be practical when you choose your textile.

Although these things can be controlled, the power of the rising sun will be able to beat you in battle if you do not pick the right fabrics that will combat the blazing rays of the sun and can stand with the constant exposure to sunlight. Take note of this especially when that particular room is facing the south end.

STYLE IT ACCORDING TO YOUR STYLE. Decide on what you want your room to look like. If you are minimalist and you want to keep it simple and versatile, neutral, earth and matte colors are really for you. If you are very daring then choose the metallic or bold geometrical patterns and designs. But, if you belong to the 75% of the population where you cannot fit your style into a single description, then you might need to tap a interior designer to help you pick out the patterns and colors that will go great together. Make sure that it is not a hassle for the eyes when you choose to put a pop of color.


Not because that is your favorite fabric means that it will also be right for your home. It is a tough ride when choosing the right fabric for you. Make sure that you take into consideration your habits before you choose something as delicate as the fabric silk. These delicate fabrics are only good for a space which will only be used a few times annually then it will not be put to waste. If you want something long-term, choose other fabrics that are durable. We have the so called Fabric blends which are good because it combines the best characteristics of many fabrics without compromising the durability of the fabric.

You must also keep in mind that brighter colors will fade more fast when it faces the sun. Thus, if your house faces the sun directly then stick to neutral shades. If you have brighter colors, tuck them away because they will just fade and you might need to retouch them after a few times.


If you are thinking of having patterns on the fabric, go on but make sure that they are of the same color or tones so that it would look put together and not something which is not unified in color. No matter what patterns like polka dots, stripes, checkered, they will all go together given the same colors. Look out tag out for new and unique pattern sold in the market.